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 EST~Tournaments Terms & Rules

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PostSubject: EST~Tournaments Terms & Rules    EST~Tournaments Terms & Rules  I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 07, 2010 11:30 pm

Hello And Welcome To Elite Socom Tournament's A.K.A EST~
Hosted By [BAD]A$$ DRUNK~$ With Assistance of [>B<]BloodLine

Please Take a Few Moments To Review These Rules Detailed Below.
All Rules Apply To All EST~Tournaments & EST~Match's & EST~Forums.

Please Put You Tag In Front Of Your Name For Example---> (TAG)Name
This Help's EST~Admins & EST~Staff To Keep Track of Members Thanks.

Elite Socom Tournament's Has A Zero Tolerance For Rule Breaking So Read Carefully Once You Check The I Agree Box And Click Register You Have Agreed To These Rules.

EST~One Warning Rule: If Found That Any One Including a EST~Member, EST~Staff, EST~Admin, ETC. Has Broken Any Rule They Will Be Given a Warning With A (2) Two Week Suspension And Be Banned From The EST~Forums & EST~Match,s For (2) Two Weeks (Reminder Only One Warning Issued) and After That There Will Be No Warnings And You Will Be Subject For Removal No Exceptions No Explanations.

EST~Tournaments Terms & Rules

1. No Dancing, No Shooting, No Trash Talking, on or Near Dead Bodies.

2. There Will Be No Kind of Talking Or Trash Talking To a Enemy at Any Given Time While There Alive.

3. No 203s No Grenade Launcher's, No Long Range Explosive's No Special Force's Weapon's, No C-4, No ClayMores, No USAS12 Auto Shot Gun, Allowed.
(Special Forces Weapons May Be Considered Per Tournament By EST~s Admin(s)/Staff(s) Decisions Only No Exception's.)

4. No Laying On Top Of Dead Bodie's, You Can Only Lay Down Next To A Dead Body No Exception's No Explanations.

5. EST~ Has Zero Tolerance For Cheating, Glitching, Soft Spotting, In Game Messaging, Voting, Ant Type Of Messenger Service's (I.E) Skype, Yahoo Mesenger, Aol Instant Messenger, Chat Boxes ETC.

6. If You Spawn in A Enemy Spawn Point You Can Not Use Any Sort of Fire Arms Only Your Knife is Allowed, You Must Also Stay Unseen For at Least 30 seconds Before You Can Run Out And Kill The Enemy.
(Exception: Only If You Spawn Directly in Front of The Enemy Then You Are Able To Retaliate.)

7. Control Points Must Be Captured Directly in The Green Circle, There Will Be No Control Point Captures Behind Boxe's, Wall's , Satellite's, Bridge's ETC.

8. Satchel Planting Must Be Planted Directly in The Green Circle, There Will Be No Satchel Planting Behind Boxes, Wall's, Satellite's, Bridge's ETC.

9. Only Medium And/or Light Armor's Allowed in Any EST~Match.

10. Each Match Will Be Made Of (3) Three Maps (2) Two Of Which Are Played As Each Clan(s)/Team(s) Map. The Third Map Will Be Played If a Tie Occurs.
(The Maps Will Be Displayed In The EST~Schedule On The EST~Forum)

11. Computers Decision Will Determine The Winner of Each Map.

12. EST~Match Rooms Will Have To Be Named EST [ClanTag] vs [ClanTag] and Only in The US East Server (No Numbers) as This is The EST~s Home Server As Well As [BAD]A$$ DRUNK~$, ['E']3MPIR3 & [>B<]Bloodline Server.
(Exception: if You Have Submitted a Team and The Name Is To Long Then Your Team Will Be Assigned A Team Number (T-1) ETC.)

13. EST~Match Room's Must Be Made And Up By The Away Team By 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time, If The EST~Match Has Not Started By 9:15pm Eastern Standard Time Then It Will Be Considered A Forfeit On The Home Team. (Exception If the Home Team Shows And The Away Team Does Not Show Then Its A Forfeit On The Away Team.)

14. If a Clan(s)/Team(s) is a No Show Then They Forfeit The EST~Match For That Tournament Night.
(You Get The Win and/or Points Awarded For Showing Up, You Must Have Least (6) Six Of Your Clan(s)/Team(s) Member's Present For You To Get The Win No Exceptions. You Must Also Contact A EST~Admin or EST~Staff Member Right Away and Let Them Know That There is A No Show.
(MVPs Will Go To The Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative That Showed Up in The Tournament That Night. (Only (2) Two MVPs Allowed Per Forfeit.) (Forfeiting Team Receives No Wins No Points No MVP's.)

15. For Clan(s)/Team(s) To Be Considered a No Show They Must Have Less Than (6) Six Clan(s)/Team(s) Members. (Example: If (6) Six Of Them Show Up Then They Will Play You (6) Six On (Cool Eight, If (5) Five or Less Show Up Then They Forfeit. No Exceptions.)

16. Elite Socom Tournaments Has Zero Tolerance For People Using Ringer Names or Multi Claning. (Example: Having Two Different Names and Your The Same Person Just So You Can Play More Tournaments on EST~ Than That Is Called Ringer Names.) (Example: If You Have Made a New Clan Just To Play in The EST~Tournaments More Often and You Have Been Invited/Signed Up On EST~ in Another Clan Then You Will Be Multi-Claning.)

17. As A Member Of The EST~, You Are Expected To Know & Follow All Rules In The EST~. Each Clan Leader & Clan/Team Rep Will Be Held Responsible For The Actions Of All Members Of Their Clan/Team, & Is Expected To police His/Her Members In Their Clan. There Is "ZERO TOLERANCE" For Any Kind of Cheating or Glitching Here In The EST~.

18. A Clan(s)/Team(s) That Has Been Invited/Signed Up For a EST~Tournament Can Submit or Sign Up (2) Two Clan(s)/Team(s) Rosters in a EST~Tournament.

19. A Clan(s)/Team(s) That Has Been Invited/Signed Up For a EST~Tournament Can Submit A Roster Of Up To (30) Twenty Clan(s)/Team(s) Members.

20. Each Player Submitted On a Clan(s)/Team(s) Roster Must Be a Member Of Elite Socom Tournament's Forum No Exceptions.

21. A Clan(s)/Team(s) Roster(s) Representative Will Be Able To Update His/Hers Roster(s) Within The First (3) Three Weeks of a EST~Tournament., After That Point In Time There Will Be No Exceptions. (Must Include Time and Date Of Update.)

22. Each Clan(s)/Team(s) That Has Been Invited/Signed Up in a EST~Tournament Must Have (2) Two Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative's Per Clan(s)/Team(s).

23. Only The Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative(s) Are Allowed To Talk in The Match Room/Lobby.
(This Is Up To The Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative(s) Decision To Enforce This Rule By Filing a Complaint In The Appropriate Area of The EST~Forums.)

24. It is The Clan(s)/Teams(s) Representative(s) Responsibility To Send Each Other a Friend Invite For The EST~Match That is Taking Place on Tournament Night.

25. It is The Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative(s) Responsibility To Have There EST~Match Made On Tournament Night.

26. It is The Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative(s) Responsibility and Is Required To Visit The EST~Forum at Least (3) Three Times a Week.
(Reminder: This Is Just For Your Protection of Not Knowing if There Was A Issue, Problem, Update ETC. Also The EST~Forums Makes It Easy For You To Get Information or in Contact With Other Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative(s).)

27. Each Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative's Must Have at Least (2) Two EST~Admins Either/or EST~Staff Members Added To There Play Station Network Friends List.

28. If a Clan(s)/Team(s) Has (2) Two No Shows They Will Be Removed From The Specific Tournament That They Have Been Invited To or Signed Up For.

29. If a Clan(s)/Team(s) Has a Total of (5) Five No Shows On The EST~Tournament Site Then They Will Be removed Permanently From The EST~Site No Questions Asked No Explanations Excepted.[color=orange] (Exception: We understand if a legitimate Excuse Is Posted Of A Emergency, Family Emergency, Family Sicknesses, Work Related, ETC. That It Will Not Count On Your Clan(s)/Team(s) Record For No Shows, Although you Still Forfeit The EST~Match For That Tournament Night.)

30. If There is a Problem, Issue or Complaint Including EST~Admins, EST~Staff Members, Clan(s)/Team(s), Members, ETC, Then You Need To File a Complaint on The EST~Forum @ web addy goes here in The Appropriate Area Of The EST~Forums and Then EST~ Will Take Actions Necessary Within A Reasonable Amount Of Time, To Resolve The Problem, Issue, Complaint, ETC.
(If a Complaint, Issue, Problem ETC, is Not Filed On The EST~Forum Immediately Within (24) Twenty Four Hours After it Occurred Then it is Not a Issue We Want To Hear Period No Exceptions.)

30a. If There Is a Problem, Issue or a Complaint About A EST~Match Then Only A Clan(s)/Team(s) Representative(s) Will Be Able To File The Complaint. (Reminder: This Rule Still Follows Rules From Rule 29. Twenty-Nine.)

31. Elite Socom Tournaments Reserves The Right To Refuse a Clan(s)/Team(s) Submission/Invite.

32. Elite Socom Tournaments Reserves The Right To Refuse a Members Registration.

EST~Forum Terms & Rules

1. No Disrespecting, No Trash Talking, No Bragging, No Threatening, of Any Member On The EST~Forum or in a EST~Match.
(Including Admins, Staff Members & Participees.)

2. No Racism, No Sexual Harassment , No Sexual Harassment on Sex Preference.

3. By Registering With Elite Socom Tournament's Forum You Agree, Through Your Use of EST~Forum , That You Will Not Use This EST~Forum To Post Any Material Which is Knowingly False and/or Defamatory, Inaccurate, Abusive, Vulgar, Hateful, Harassing, Obscene, Profane, Sexually Oriented, Threatening, Invasive of a Person's Privacy, or Otherwise Violative of any Law.

4. No Selling or Trading of Any Illegal or Legal Substance of Any Sort if Found That You Have Did This You Will Be Reported To The Authorities.

5. No Selling or Trading of Firearms or Ammunition Allowed.

6. No Porn of Any Sort Allowed.
(Meaning No Pictures. No Signatures, No Avatars, No links To a Porn Site, or Not Even Telling Someone a Website Address in a Post.)

7. EST~ Prefers That You Be 18 Years of Age To Be a Member of The EST~Forum & Site and To Participate in a
EST~Tournament. If Found That You Are Not 18 Years of Age Then You Will Be Removed No Questions Asked.
(Exception: If You Are in a Clan And The Leader Takes Full Responsibility Then You May Join EST~
If At Any Time You Show Immaturity Then You & Your Leader Will Be Warned if It Persists Then You
Will Be Removed No Explanation, If it Is your Son/Daughter Then You The Father/Mother Takes Responseability.)

8. You Agree Not To Post Any Copyrighted Material Unless The Copyright is Owned By You or By Elite Socom Tournament's or if You Have Permission To Use The Copyright, If You Have Posted a Copyrighted Material Then You Will Be Subject To Be Prosecuted By Copyright Infringement Law.

9. Copying of Any Material Which Includes Rules, Tournament Ideas, Ideas In General, Photos, Logos, Designs ETC. If Found You Will Be Subject To Be Prosecuted By Copyright Infringement Law. (Exception: Unless Permitted By The EST~Founder [BAD]Passionbug or EST~Site Creator [BAD]K_B_L.)

10. Please Remember That We At Elite Socom Tournament's Are Not Responsible For Any Messages Posted. We Do Not Vouch For or Warrant The Accuracy, Completeness or Usefulness of Any Message, And Are Not Responsible For The Contents of Any Message. The Messages Express The Views of The Author of The Message, Not Necessarily The Views of EST~Forum. Any User Who Feels That a Posted Message is Objectionable is Encouraged To Contact a EST~Admin Or EST~Staff Member. We at Elite Socom Tournament's Have The Ability To Remove Objectionable Messages and We Will Make Every Effort To Do So, Within a Reasonable Time Frame, If We Determine That Removal is Necessary.

11. By Signing and Agreeing To These Rules You Are Held Responsible For Your Own Actions, Elite Socom Tournaments Will Not Be Held Responsible For Any Kind Of Actions Taken By You The User, If Found That You Have broken Any of These Rules You Will Be Banned From The EST~Forum & WebSite With No Explanation or Warning.

If You Agree With These Terms & Rules And Wish To Proceed With The Registration, Simply Click The "Register" Button Below. To Cancel This Registration, Simply Hit The 'Back' Button on Your Browser.

Elite Socom Tournaments Has The Right To Review & Revise and Edit a Rule If Needed With Notice To its Members.

These Rules Have Been Written And Created And Copy Righted By [BAD]K_B_L

I John Phillips A.K.A [BAD]K_B_L Have Written These Rules On May 9th 2009
And Finished At 9:40pm PST Without Copying a Sentence, Phrase, or Rules From Any Website of Any Sort That
Exists on The World Wide Web, These Are 100% Written By Me With My Own Knowledge At Use.

EST~Tournaments Terms & Rules  Passionsigsig-1EST~Tournaments Terms & Rules  Passionsetsig
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EST~Tournaments Terms & Rules
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