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[BAD] Passionbug
[BAD] Passionbug

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Welcome to The EST site Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to The EST site   Welcome to The EST site I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 8:14 am

Welcome to the E.S.T, " Elite. Socom. Tournaments."

The EST is a player made league-style tournament for players of Socom: Combined Assult and Confrontation online, hosted by members of the [BAD] clan along with other clans we trust. Our mission is to provide a fair and competitive tournament, that allows each clan to show their collective talents. These matches will be organized and displayed on this website, and will be updated nightly. All maps will be pre-posted for each week, and all rules will be explained thoroughly (see the rules section). There will be ZERO tolorence in reguard to Glitching, Codes, Modified-discs, Soft Spotting, Quick Sniping, or anything else which gives one team an unfair advantange. Each clan leader will be expected to police his or her players from these known cheats. Each Clan Leaders will be held responsible for the actions of all members of their clan. Each clan leader will in turn have a vote in all decisions made by the league.

We have EST Council Members to address issues as they arise. Actions will be taken once ALL the leaders have had a chance to vote in a true democratic fashion. This will alleviate the chance of one clan making a decision based on his or her views or opinions. This will instill trust and honesty to the members of the tournament and show that no decision will be made to punish a clan with out due process involving all the leaders that are involved in the tournament. We are seeking dedicated, respectfull, and ambitious clans to participate in the Elite Socom Tournaments.

Good Luck and Play well.

About [BAD]
The Bad Ass Drunks clan is a collection of friends from all across the continental United States. Our clan is founded on the priciples of strong teamwork, communication, and most of all - having a good time. The [BAD] clan dispises drama, whining, and cheating. We are all regular adults who get on after work and just play to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We have created the EST so that we can have a fun, drama free way to play with other clans.

Welcome to The EST site Passionsigsig-1Welcome to The EST site Passionsetsig
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Welcome to The EST site
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