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 Saturday night fun blind draw tournament

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Saturday night fun blind draw tournament Empty
PostSubject: Saturday night fun blind draw tournament   Saturday night fun blind draw tournament I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 11:44 pm

Hello everyone,

There is a fun blind draw tournament that happens on saturday nights that you may not know about. This tournament is run by [d8b] KINGPIT518 and his clan with some assistance by myself.

A little history about the tournament and the reason for running it. Most evenings their is a few different clans that get together and play usually by school yard pick. The reason we all play together is all these clans, [BWB], [d8b], [ALH], [>B<], [sox], [X], [DsM] and [BAD], do not like cheaters, playing with cheaters, or anything to do with cheating. So it ends up becoming a fun time the way SOCOM WAS MEANT TO BE PLAYED. So about a month ago, [d8b] KINGPIT518 came up with the idea, to break up the monotony of the game he would run a fun blind draw tournament on Saturday night.

Here is how it works:
The people who want to play the tournament get together sometime between 10 & 11 eastern time. We all meet in a 16v16 sc medley room in na clan, global europe or a server similar to that, depending on how full or laggy the servers are that evening. When we arrive in the room and wish to play in this tournament kingpit will write everyone's names down and put them in a hat. Kingpit then will draw Team 1 players, Team 2 players so forth until all teams are drawn all names are used. He tries to have an 8 team 3-4 people teams, depending on the amout of people who show up that evening. With this he will also assign a captain for the team. This captain will be the only one to make the room in the same server as the meeting room if your team is to make the room. It is a single elimination bracket.

The rules of the tournament are:
1. There is NO CHEATING allowed. No glitching, cheating, coloured suits etc.
2. There are no specialized weapons allowed. Attatchments are fine but not the lady's.
3. All rooms are to made by the selected captain of the home team.
4. Rooms are to be made 8 round 5 min rounds demo only.
5. Specialization are to remain on but you must customize your weapons and remove specialization weapons and all long range explosives.
6. Friendly fire to remain on.
7. Round 1 map is desert glory. Round 2 map is frostfire and the finals map is crossroads.
8. You must have FUN AND ENJOYMENT playing the game.

Some member of the EST staff and members as well as Passion have played in this tournament and feel it is fun and different then how most tournaments, including our own is run. Instead of a full season with playoffs, everynight you play with different people and clans on your team. You get nothing out of the tournament but playing with people who do not cheat and get the bragging rights for the week.

We feel we should advertise this for [d8b] and also thought for fun we would put down the team members and team numbers of the winning teams each week. Just so no one forgets the winners lol.

So come check it out kill people have fun and get your cudos for the week.

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Saturday night fun blind draw tournament
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